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- Priyanka Shah

Penikam Films, where an idea, CAN do anything. At the start of 2020 I quit my producing job at a tv station. The pandemic made me realize if I were to die now I would regret it all. I have been shooting and editing my whole life, but scrambling to believe in myself. I took a breath and started sharpening my business and editng skills. My brother moved back to Dallas from NYC, we both were eager to invest and give the idea a shot. It gave us the ability to create our own door, and work on projects we only dreamed of and meet people that inspire us each day.

"In PenikamFilms,

I have found paradise."

Priyanka Shah


Graduated University of North Texas in Media Arts. Worked on over 40 productions, in a multitude of departments. When she is not producing or shooting for Penikam Films, she is lighting and producing on other productions. She has worked on shoots from Statefarm, Toyota, The Choosen, AtHome, and more. It is her experience in local films and commercials that taught her problem sloving. 

Shreyans Shah


"Video production, has grounded me to continue doing what I love."

As a dancer and actor, I love celebrating a client's talent and staying connected. I find myself valuing a healthy community where people are respectful to new ideas. I hold weekly meetings with the team to make sure we are overseeing our goals and projects.  Before video production, I was selling timeshare outside 42nd street Manhattan, working with Bluebird Theatre Company, and taking real estate courses in Manhattan. Mid March 2020, I moved back to Dallas during the pandemic. My sister and I decided to begin PenikamFilms, LLC.   

Juan Garcia


Growing up in the world of social media and the internet, I never thought I would be behind the camera working on productions. PenikamFilms has been an amazing place for me to contribute my artistic skills and talents to multiple projects, and play a role in helping someone's vision come to life. Writing treatments, managing lights, and flying drones are a few of the tasks I enjoy doing on our sets.

Ultimately, it's all about the people, and the best projects to work on, are the ones were everyone is fully engaged, and gives it everything they have!