It all starts with an idea. Changing the world, dropping a new music video, advertising your latest product. Everyone can shoot a video with their phone and upload it. But we value creativity, experience, and expertise. We use professional equipment to make cinematic videos accessible for all. We are a passionate team with diverse skill sets in video production. From writing scripts to designing sets, shooting and editing, we handle it all.

This is our process.

Establishing A Relationship

We aim to create exciting projects with our clients. When you grow, so do we.  We schedule a phone call and establish a good, working relationship. We are excited for every project that comes our way, and we work to meet your vision and budget.

Writing A Script

Shooting a music video, or showcasing a new product, we work with our clients to establish themes, ideas, and stories to deliver their message. We communicate with our clients and refine our ideas until we have a polished script.  


When the script is finalized, we get to work on getting everything needed for filming. Managing actors, crew, shooting locations, props, costumes, and rehearsals, we plan and prepare to make filming easy and smooth.


On set, everyone knows their roles, and everything is ready. With call sheets, shot lists, and scripts, the crew is ready and works efficiently to capture the client's vision. Quality equipment and expertise are crucial. We capture everything we need to make editing simple, and to ensure we can surpass our clients' expectations.


With all the filming completed, putting the final project together begins. Slow motion, smooth transitions, exciting music, and well-placed graphics. These are all used in editing our footage into the final project we deliver.

We are fortunate to be doing what we love for a living. Every project and every client gives us a chance to bring a great idea to life. We want to create projects that meet and surpass all of our clients' expectations.

We are Penikam Films, and we want to create with you!